OASIS – Atmospheric observations by solar infrared spectroscopy

Since June 2008, an atmospheric observatory is installed on the roof of the University Paris-Est Créteil to measure atmospheric spectra in solar occultation and to infer vertical concentration of the species profiles to track their time evolution. This device consists of a heliostat and Fourier transform infrared spectrometer used to measure the column of ozone in particular for the validation of observations by the IASI spectrometer onboard the MetOp satellite. OASIS allows determining the concentrations of other atmospheric constituents of interest as CO, but also of little measured molecules (H2CO, NO2, PAN, C2H6, etc) and stand up to the simulations provided by air quality models. The carried out measures also serve to identify spectroscopic problems (settings of lines, coherences of databases) that can appear in air applications.













The OASIS Observatory installed on the roof of UPEC















Atmospheric spectrum measured by OASIS (800-12000 cm-1) µM absorption band used to measure total column ozone