Spectroscopy instruments

To conduct spectroscopic studies of stable or unstable species of terrestrial or planetary atmospheres, LISA has commercial instruments such as spectrometers at very high resolution, or at medium resolution that allow the recording of spectra for high pressures, infrared lasers, but it also develops new experimental systems permitting the study of thinner absorption lines. To illustrate these instruments, three systems are presented :

Fourier Transform Spectrometer at high resolution. Bruker IFS125HR

Fourier Transform Spectrometer By Bruker IFS125HR

Spectral range: 20-30000 cm-1

Maximum nominal resolution: 0.0019 cm-1

Application : registration of many atmospheric or astrophysics species in the infrared and UV Spectra field


Bruker IFS 66V Spectrometer for studies at high pressures

Bruker IFS 66V Spectrometer




Spectral range : 20-12000 cm-1

Maximum nominal resolution : 0.1 cm-1

Application : Records of the spectra at high pressure of many species of atmospheric interest

Difference frequency laser


Optical device of the DFG laser system



Spectral range : 3-5 µm :

Maximum nominal resolution : 1 MHz

Very high noise signal ratio (supérieur à 1000)

Application :Allows ultra-precise measurements of the intensities and line profiles