LISA is equipped with six gas chromatographs (GC) associated with different sensors (2 MS quadrupole, 2 MS ion trap, FID, TCD, HID), equipped with a wide variety of extraction and injection systems

These systems are implemented in the development of instruments dedicated to space exploration (photo 1), and for the measurement of VOC sampled on cartridges during field campaigns (photo 2).

Photo 1: GC/MS quadrupole 1200 Varian equipped with of a gas valve.



Photo 2: GC/MS Saturn 2200 Ionic Varian Trappe to electronic Impact or chemical impact with methane, equipped with an automatic smuggler (Varian CompiPal (liquid and gas)). This equipment is used for the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC) after sampling on cartridges - Example of chromatograms obtained.