Astrobiology activities

The theme "Astrobiology & Astrochemistry" aims to better understand and quantify the different physicochemical processes governing the evolution of carbonaceous matter in the universe, and especially in the solar system. The study of this evolution on other bodies than Earth (Mars, comets, icy satellites of the exterior solar system and including Titan, the asteroids…and even the exo-planets) contributes to better understand the origins of life on our planet, without this purpose being the only one hosting our theme.

To fulfill these objectives, the theme develops experimental approaches, either through developments in spatial technology, in analytical chemistry or via experimental simulation of extraterrestrial environments in laboratory. Theoretical modeling approaches are also implemented (especially spectroscopy) for the support for the tele-observations. Our works fall into three main components :

- Axis 1 : Study on the reactivity and molecular evolution of organic matter

- Axis 2 : Developments of Research and Technology

- Axis 3 : Spatial exploration in situ or by tele-observation