Astrobiology activities

The "Exobiology and Astrochemistry" theme aims to better understand and quantify the various physico-chemical processes governing the chemical evolution of certain Solar System objects - in particular Mars, Titan and comets - and exoplanets, all of which are of great interest to exobiology and astrochemistry. Studying the chemical evolution of these bodies will contribute to the search for the origins of life on our planet, and to a better understanding of the physico-chemical origin and evolution of Solar System objects and exoplanets.

To achieve these goals, we develop laboratory experiments (MOMIE, OREGOC, TIC & TAC, VUV Platform) and in low earth orbit and numerical models simulating extraterrestrial environments (EXACT), and participate in the design, production and scientific support of chemical analysis instruments for space missions (IDS-Cassini, SAM GC, COSAC, COSIMA, MOMA, SFERE).