ARGONAUT WORKSHOP – ENS, Paris, 22-24 avril 2024

The ANR ARGONAUT project (2020-2024), coordinated by LISA, aims to quantify and monitor anthropogenic emissions of pollutants (NOx, CO, NMVOC) and greenhouse gases (CO2) at high resolution from space. It is based on the CHIMERE regional chemistry-transport model coupled with the CIF (Community inversion Framework) atmospheric inversion system, and on observations from the new generation of high-spatial-resolution satellite imagers (Sentinel 5P/TROPOMI). The approaches developed in the project have been applied to several study areas (Europe, China, France), at several spatial resolutions (50km, 10km), including the treatment of city plumes. The main results of the project were presented, discussed and put into perspective in the national, European and spatial context at the project workshop. Around 30 participants from the project's partner laboratories (LISA, LSCE, CEREA, INERIS), the French (CNES) and European (ESA) space agencies, organizations such as AirParif, CITEPA, MétéoFrance/CNRM, ECMWF/CAMS, BIRA and the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion met on April 22 and 23, 2024 at ENS Paris.



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