MILEAGE (MobILe Laboratory for Extensive Atmospheric Gas and aErosol measurements)






The mobile laboratory MILEAGE (Truck Renault master: height 2.9m, Length 2.0m, weight 3.5t) has been built by LISA to give to the French scientific community an instrumental mobile platform with air conditioning and easily and fast deployable on field.


It allows the characterization in situ of gaseous compounds and of aerosols thanks to two racks of 19 inches, where all type of rackable instruments can be installed, and to sampling lines appropriate for gas and particles measurements. It is also equipped with a 9m pneumatic mast for measurement of basic meteorological parameters (Temperature, Pressure, Relative Humidity, wind speed and direction and J(NO2).





Field Campaigns :

- Escompte (Fos-Marseille, 2000-2001)
- Chimie rapide (Grignon, 2007)
- MEGAPOLI (Palaiseau, 2009-2010)
- PHOTOPAQ (Bergame, 2013)
- LANDEX (Bilos, 2017)
- Summer school DIM QI² (Dourdan, 2018)
- MESUrPOP (Paris, 2018)