Publications 2023 - Spectroscopie

  • A. Ceausu-Velcescu, Wilfried Tchana, Fridolin Kwabia-Tchana, Laurent Manceron, Xavier Landsheere, The 2ν3/ν2/ν5/ν3+ν6 band system of CH3Br revisited: Anharmonic and Coriolis interactions in a four-level system near 1400 cm-1, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 395, 111795,, 2023

  • A. Perrin, L. Manceron, R. Armante, Fridolin Kwabia-Tchana, P. Roy, G.C. Toon, First investigation of the ν1, ν1-ν9, ν1+ν9, and ν1+ν7 absorption bands of nitric acid (1H14N16O3) at 3551.766 cm-1, 3092.708 cm-1, 4006.974 cm-1, and 4127.782 cm-1, respectively, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 392, 111741,, 2023