Roger Lefevre
7 years ago
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Pollution oxydante et particulaire

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Lefevre Roger

Publications de Roger LEFEVRE au LISA

Aurelie Verney-Carron, Loryelle Sessegolo, Roger Lefevre, Peter Brimblecombe, Modelling the Alteration of Medieval Stained Glass as a Function of Climate and Pollution: Comparison between Different Methodologies, Heritage, 6, 3074-3088,, 2023

Brimblecombe P. , Roger Lefevre, Weathering of materials at Notre-Dame from changes in air pollution and climate in Paris, 1325-2090, Journal of Cultural Heritage, 50, 88-94,, 2021

Roger Lefevre, A. Ionescu, J. Desplat, R. Kounkou-Arnaud, O. Perrussel, B. Languille, Quantification and mapping of the impact of the recent air pollution abatement on limestone and window glass in Paris, Environ. Earth Sci, 75, doi:10.1007/s12665-016-6167-3, 2016

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